Editor's Update: What we are hoping to do here on AcrossRoss

This is a brief update on how the new AcrossRoss is shaping up. So far, it is slow going,  but time is on our side. This is to say there is no rush to push this out but rather to patiently tweak the content and presentation of it until we get it right. By we, I mean I. So that makes things take long too.  

What are the star directories?

You may have noticed the "star" directories, which as of this posting are empty. This is a rather unique idea that bares worth testing out with local shops and services providers in the North Hills. I am trying to do just that.

Star directoreis are unique in that there are plenty of ways to find out about local businesses in the North Hills such as Google, Yelp, and many other websites. What is missing, and where AcrossRoss stands to be unique, is that what makes a business or service special are the people, and they are largely left out of the conversation. Until now.  

Therefore, in our effort to present a unique view of information, of life and living in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, we endeavor to reveal, champion, and surface the great people behind our business and services and to showcase them for us and the world. 

Here is an example of this: imagine a server or bartender who has had the ear of the customer for decades. This is the person that everybody knows. This is the person that knows the meaning of service. They are like a friend inside the community. We would like to interview them and associate them with their business on AcrossRoss.com. 

That is our noble task. We are a website for the people and therefore we aim to showcase the people in West View, Ross Township and the surrounding North Hills.